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Hands Up for Trad TV

Sep 3, 2018

Watch the latest Hands Up for Trad TV with Simon Thoumire and Kim Carnie featuring some great music videos from Andrew Waite, Ross Ainslie, Gillebride MacMillan, Ross Couper and Gnoss. Please Share!

Andrew Waite from his new album Tyde

Ross Ainslie feat. Saw Khan - Unite The Clan / Pressed For Time

Interview with Kim Carnie

Gillebride MacMillan singing Duan an Fhògarraich (The Refugee's Plea) from his new album Freumhan Falaichte (Hidden Roots)

Session at Ben Nevis Bar with Luc McInally, Ryan Murphy, Ross Couper and Emma Tomlinson

Ross Couper playing Tom and Jerry's

Gnoss performing The Moul Head live

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