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Hands Up for Trad TV

Apr 2, 2018

Join Simon Thoumire and Gnoss for the latest Hands Up for Trad TV featuring fab music videos from Julie Fowlis, Suas, Hamish Napier & Iain MacFarlane, Hannah Rarity & Luc McInally and Maeve Mackinnon. Remember and check out the Foot Stompin' Audio Podcast! Please Share! 

Go Your Way by Julie Fowlis

Sweat House Reel by Suas

Gnoss interview

‘Iain MacFarlane of Glenfinnan’ a barndance. Hamish Napier wrote for the man himself! Performed by #patsharp (Hamish Napier) and #Archimedes (Iain MacFarlane)

Strong Women Rule Us All by Hannah Rarity and Luc McInally
Check out Hannah’s Indegogo campaign to raise funds for her new album

Ailean Duinn by Maeve Mackinnon

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