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Hands Up for Trad TV

Mar 12, 2018

Join Simon Thoumire and Adam Sutherland for this weeks Hands Up for Trad TV featuring great videos from Fourth Moon, Iona Fyfe, Matthias Branschke & Callum Armstrong, Salt House and the Young Trad German Tour (feat Mohsen Amini, Claire Hastings, Ryan Young Craig Irvine). Please Share!

Glasgow Roast by Fourth Moon (new album Ellipsis)

Guise of Tough by Iona Fyfe
Video by Martin Forry Photography

Adam Sutherland interview
His latest album is called Some Other Land.

Video of the German Young Trad tour playing Over the Ocean on a frozen lake! (Feat Mohsen Amini, Ryan Young, Claire Hastings and Craig Irvine)

Matthias Branschke i Callum Armstrong

Charmer by Salt House

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