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Hands Up for Trad TV

Nov 26, 2019

Join us for the latest Hands Up for Trad Quiz featuring nominees in the upcoming MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards. Can you answer all the questions? if you enjoy this content please consider supporting our Patreon

Round1 - quickfire

Where are the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards being held this year? (Aberdeen Music Hall on the 7th December. Buy at ticket at

Which Scots Trad Music Awards nominated singer recently released a chart topping album entitled Scottish Song Book? Bonus question: Which Scottish singer wrote the single Whole of the Moon (Mike Scott)

Name the piper Tiree musician Jamie MacDonald plays in a duo with? (Christian Gamuaf)

A 'Munro' is the name for a Scottish mountain above which height? (914.4m or 3000 feet)

What is the name of Josie Duncan’s Glasgow folk club? (Sundown Song Nights)

Which declaration has 700th anniversary in 2020? (Declaration of ARBROATH)

Picture Round

Kristan Harvey

Andrea Gobbi (stma industry awards)

Treacherous Orchestra nominated in the Belhaven Award for Innovation

Sian (performing at the Trad Awards)

The Sound of Music Round

Raw by Jarlath Henderson

Cockerel in the Creel by Iain MacFarlane & Ingrid Henderson

The Harvard Tapes by Dick Gaughan

Skapa Flow 1919 by Kris Drever

Last Round

Name the famous family of pipers who are famous for pibroch? (MacCrimmons) Bonus question - Name the brothers and famous pipers of Glenuig? (The MacDonalds)

Which fiddler won BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award 2019? (Benedict Morris) Bonus - name the other finalists? (Cameron Ross, Luc McNally, Catherine Tinney, Ross Miller, Sarah Markey)

Who wrote the classic song Cànan nan Gàidheal" ("Language of the Gaels")? (Murchadh MacPhàrlain)

MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards nominees Peat and Diesel hail from the Western Isles. Can you name the instruments in the band? (Drums, accordion and guitar)

Which pipe band won the World Pipe Band Championships in 2019? (Inverary and District)

How many band members are in the Kinnaris Quintet, Nae Plans, Blazin’ Fiddles and Findlay Napier? (14)