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Hands Up for Trad TV

Jan 15, 2020

Join Amy Papiransky our two teams answering questions about Scottish trad music and culture. Can you answer all the questions and get more points than them? The answers are below.

Round 1 quickfire

Who was the long running host of Take The Floor who retired in 2016? (Robbie Shepherd)

Which Scottish new years tradition first started at Christmas? (First Footing) The first visitor to a home on Christmas Day was called the First Footer. The person must bear gifts of peat, money, and bread to symbolize warmth, wealth, and lack of want.

Which Scots and Gaelic singer’s first album was called Don’t Sing Love Songs? (Maeve Mackinnon)

Which architect built the Glasgow School of Art? (Charles Rennie MacIntosh) Bonus. Which house in Helensburgh did he build? (Hill House)

Where was ex prime minister David Cameron’s father Ian born? Glass, Huntly; he was born at Blairmore House.

Name all three Elephant Sessions albums? (The Elusive Highland Beauty, All We Have is Now, What Makes You)


Picture Round

Joe Aitken

Sheena Wellington

Siobhan Miller

The Shee


Sound of Music

Cavalier by Eddi Reader

Those Who Roam by Claire Hastings

The Rough Bounds by Daimh

Read Me Write by Amy Papiransky


Last Round

What was the name of Malinky’s debut album? (Last Leaves)

Which famous bodhran player and composer performed with The Easy Club band? (Jim Sutherland)

When was the Ceoltas started in Glasgow? (1951)

What is further north - Edinburgh or Glasgow? (Edinburgh)

Which bothy singer is married to fiddler Paul Anderson? (Shona Donaldson) Bonus - Name the title of Shona and Katie Mackenzie’s one and only album? (The Lassies Reply)

The Grit Orchestra are opening Celtic Connections festival 2020. How many musicians are in the band? (80)


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