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Hands Up for Trad TV

May 14, 2018

Watch the latest May Hands Up for Trad quiz featuring our CD releasing friends Rura and The Poozies. It was great fun! Can YOU answer the questions? Please Share! The answers are below!

Our two teams. Rura - Steven Blake and Jack Smedley - their new album: In Praise Of Home
The Poozies - rod Stewart, John bon jovie, penolope pit stop & art garfunkles younger brother uisdean Mary Macmaster, Eilidh Shaw, Sarah McFadyen, Tia Files, Joe Peat. - New album: Punch.

Round 1 - quickfire
Acharacle is a township in the Highlands of Scotland, can you spell it?
What’s the oldest grade 1 pipe band - Glasgow Police Pipe Band (1883)
What Shetland band features fabulous banjo player Gary Peterson? (Home Bru)
Which Shetland Fiddler plays with Fiddlers’ Bid and Nordic Fiddlers Bloc and Boys of The Lough? (Kevin Henderson)
Piper Gordon Duncan performed with the Tannies made three solo albums. Can you name the third album? (Thunderstruck?)
What whisky is made at Blair Atholl Distillery? (Bell’s)

Picture round
Angus R Grant
Barbara Dickson
Sromos - James Duncan Mackenzie (album cover)
Mischa MacPherson

The Poozies / Rura round
Name the guitarist that was in the first lineup of Rura? (Chris Waite)
What was the name of Rura’s debut album (Break It Up)
Which musician produced the band’s second album Despite the Dark? (Aly Hutton)

The Poozies
Who was the first accordion player to play with The Poozies (Karen Tweed)
Name The Poozies album - ‘Yellow Like...’ (Sunshine)
In which year were The Poozies formed? (1990)

Last Round
Which Scottish band celebrates their 50th anniversary in 2018? (Tannahill Weavers)
Name the original Capercaillie members who performed on the debut album Cascade? (Donald Shaw, Martin McLeod, Shaun Craig, Joan MacLachlan, Karen Matheson, Marc Duff)
Which famous fiddler from Fochabers was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2017
Which other Fochabers fiddler plays the jazz band Fat Suit
Which fiddler from Edinburgh runs the BA Applied Music course in Benbecula? (Anna-Wendy Stevenson)
What is the total number of band members past and present of both The Poozies and Rura? (10 + 6 = 16)

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