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Hands Up for Trad TV

Mar 26, 2018

Watch the latest Hands Up for Trad quiz featuring our team of singers vs accompanists. Great laughs all round! Can you answer the questions? Please Share!


Here are the questions and answers!

Hands Up for Trad Quiz march 2018

Singers vs accompanists

Singers: Kathleen MacInnes, Joy Dunlop, Josie Duncan and Robert Robertson

Accompanists: David Foley and Pablo Lafuente

Round 1 - Quickfire

In which town in Scotland is the Mountain Bike World Cup held? (Fort William)
What famous family of musicians who play with some of Scotland’s top bands hail from Fort William? (The Henderson’s)
What piper is the director of The National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music in Plockton? (Dougie Pincock). Bonus - what band did he tour the world with? (Battlefield Band)
How many keys does a modern piano have? (88) What is the old name for a piano? (pianoforte - meaning soft and loud)
The name of the new Gnoss EP is Brother ...? (Wind) Bonus point - name the band members (Graham Rorie, Aidan Moodie, Connor Sinclair and Craig Baxter)
Where does Glasgow's water supply come from? (Loch Katrine)
Which loch was piper John McLellan thinking about when he wrote the famous retreat march Lochanside? (The lochan in question is Loch Loskin, which can be found on the west and to the north of Dunoon’s town centre, within walking distance of the Cowal Games park.)
Name the whistle player from Capercaillie who played on their 1987 Crosswinds album? (Marc Duff) Bonus point: What was the name of Capercaillie’s album which the hit Coisich a Ruin first appeared? (Delirium)

Round 2 - Name that picture.

Fused - Michael McGoldrick
Flora MacNeil
Morning Tempest by Josie Duncan and Pablo Lafuente (new album out now)
Mellowosity by Peatbog Faeries

Round 3 - Language

Mad Wae It - when you’ve consumed one too many alcoholic beverages
Altram - nursing
What is ginger? It is Fizzy juice, soda, carbonated beverage, soft drink
Corra-ghritheann - heron (bird)
Where is the ‘loaby’? It’s the hall inside your house
Sgloegaireach - unattractive boasting

Round 4 - Name that band

Borders - Ossian
Inyal (self titled album)
Strì - Maeve Mackinnon
Gràs - Mairi Macinnes
A Pocket of Wind Resistance - Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy(Congratulations on winning The Award for Innovation in new Traditional Music)
Decade - Skerryvore

Round 5 - Quickfire

Which Scot established the Labour Party? (Keir Hardy)
Which two bands did Arthur Cormack sing with? (Cliar, Mac-Talla)
Name the and festival that happens in South Uist in July? (Ceolas)
What is the name of the Galician bagpipe? (Gaita) Bonus question. How many drones does it have? (1)
Which classic Galician band does fiddler Simon Bradley play with? (Llan de Cubel)
Which Irish band recently performed on Ed Sheeran’s latest album? (Beoga)
Which Hamish Imlach song did Findlay Napier cover on his latest album Glasgow? (Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice)
What all woman group of seven Edinburgh-based musicians was formed in 1982 and made one album for Springthyme Records? (Sprangeen) Bonus - which two musicians in the band formed a famous clarsach duo? (Mary MacMaster / Patsy Seddon - Sileas)

Tie Break question:

Which south Uist piper plays in the band the league of highland gentlemen? (Seonaidh MacIntyre)