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Hands Up for Trad TV

Oct 29, 2018

Watch the latest Hands Up for Trad TV with Simon Thoumire and Blair Teska featuring great music videos from Talisk, Fara, Dallahan, Kinnaris and Tannara. This video is sponsored by McElhinney & Co Chartered Certified Accountants. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video and would like to help support Hands Up for...

Oct 1, 2018

Watch the latest Hands Up for Trad Quiz featuring our teams of fiddles vs clarsachs! Can you answer all the questions? Can you beat the teams? Please Share!

Here are the answers!

Teams - fiddlers: Catriona Price, Kristan Harvey and Anna Massie. Kristan and Catriona are members of Fara who are just about to release their...