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Hands Up for Trad TV

Dec 8, 2017

Watch Hands Up for Trad TV’s bed-in with presenting duties shared between Simon and lots of famous people! This episode we feature videos from Dougie McCance, Maeve Gilchrist and Natalie Haas, Robbie Greig, Lori Watson and Inyal. Please Share!

Kingston Road by Dougie McCance
Track - Kingston Road

Nov 24, 2017

Watch Hands Up for Trad TV from Greyfriars Burial Ground in Perth featuring videos from Smok, Skipinnish, Patsy Reid, Finlay MacDonald, Ewan McLennan and TRIP. The best in Scottish trad music. Please share!

Horizons by Smok

Land Below The Waves by Skipinnish

Nov 10, 2017

Watch the latest Hands Up for Trad TV featuring videos from Julie Fowlis, Ross Ainslie and Brighde Chaimbeul, Laura Beth Salter, Celtic Connections, Killin Music Festival, Northern Company and MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards. Please share!

Dh’èirich mi moch, b' fheàrr nach do dh’èirich by Julie Fowlis

Oct 27, 2017

Watch Hands Up for Trad TV in Krkwall, Orkney featuring Fras, The Wrigley Sisters, Findlay Napier, Saltfishforty, and The Furrow Collective. Please share!

The Rossa Reel by Fras

Partans in his Creel and Chappan at the Door (both Orkney songs by Aly Windwick) by The Wrigley Sisters

Oct 17, 2017

Watch the latest news from Hands Up for Trad TV featuring Blue Rose Code, Maeve Mackinnon, Paul Anderson, Ella Munro, Daniel Hunter and Brian Holmes, Charlie Galloway and Savannah Donohoe and Heron Valley. Please share!

Over the Fields by Blue Rose Code

Maeve Mackinnon Interview